We provide formwork for:

Residential foundations,  frost walls, slabs, building additions, garages, shops & retaining walls.

Beneath every enduring structure is a quality foundation. Whether that is a full basement foundation, crawlspace, frost wall, or slab, the integrity of your concrete project depends on the foundation. Every house is built on a foundation, but not every house is built on a precisely squared, level and structurally sound one as we pride ourselves on building!


If needed, we are able to provide excavation services to prepare the ground for the footing and foundation. A blueprint, building permit, engineer's report, and site survey are needed prior to excavation. Please contact us for more information.

Beginning with your blueprints, we will build a strong, accurate footing based on the engineers specifications. Our priority is to  build a solid structure that can stand the test of time and all weather conditions. The integritity of the entire building project will depend on the foundation. Considerations will be made for soil conditions and the quantity of reinforcements (rebar) needed. 

Framers and ready-to-move companies LOVE us! We genuinely care about accuracy, and it shows in our foundation walls. Our company uses the Strip-Ease Forming System. We believe this is the most cost effective and flexible way of achieving a level, square foundation. We are certain to follow the engineers directions to reinforce the walls with the proper amount of steel rebar thus ensuring structural support. Foundation walls are typically between 8 to 10 feet tall, however, we will build to suit other specifications if desired.

We will arrange the concrete pumping and placing with a local company. Again, the type of concrete would be chosen based on the Engineers specifications and current season/temperatures.  We remain on-site while the walls are being poured with concrete and adjust afterwards to ensure a quality product. Once the concrete is set and dry the forms are stripped off, preparing the walls for the next step.

To maintain the quality of the foundation, we provide weeping tile and damp proofing. The weeping tile will enable proper drainage away from the foundation. Damp proofing is achieved by spraying a black tar substance on the outer walls of the foundation thereby protecting it from moisture seepage.

After the forms have been removed, the walls must be left to cure for a minimum of seven days before back filling. At that time the excavator will return the soil around the exterior of the foundation. At this point, your project is ready for framing.